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Hand and Body Lotion

Hand and Body Lotion


Experience amazing fragrance all day long! These hand and body lotions will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with a long lasting fragrance. Use daily to keep skin feeling fresh and smooth.

These lotions are cruelty free, vegan and come in a glass bottle that’s easily recyclable.

  • Packaging

    All packaging used is eco friendly. Any cardboard is recycled and anything that seems like plastic is actually made from sugar cane waste product and can even be composted! 

  • General Information

    All of our soaps are hand made, never tested on animals and always wrapped in eco friendly packaging. Wherever possible we are palm oil free, otherwise we will only use sustainably sourced palm oil. Due to this product being hand made and finished, the product received may look slightly different to the picture.

    If you have any major allergies please do not purchase this product. We use many different ingredients in The Happy Bunny Kitchen for a lot of different scents, which means we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens across our range.