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Welcome to a world of cruelty free Luxury!
Here at The Happy Bunny Soap Company, we got tired of paying over the odds for cruelty free bath products. That's why we're dedicated to creating cruelty free, affordable luxury for everyone. Shop our range now to find out more!

Who We Are

Here at The Happy Bunny Soap Company, we believe that animal testing should be a thing of the past. We also believe that if everyone did their small part in using eco friendly and recycled packaging, the world could be a happier healthier place. Thats why we started on a quest to make beautiful and luxurious cruelty free products that don't cost the earth, and certainly don't help to destroy it. 

Did you know that "Product not tested on animals" or "This company does not test on animals", doesn't actually mean "Cruelty free"? Often companies put these slogans on their products to mislead consumers into buying them, but in fact this probably means that the end product is not tested on animals, but the individual ingredients are, or that the company pays other organisations to test their products for them. As individuals that believe in only buying cruelty free products, we realised that to find luxury that hasn't been tested on those beautiful bunnies, you have to pay the big bucks for it! And we just don't think that's fair. So, we created a range of luxury products that won't be out of your budget. 

None of our ingredients are tested on animals and we are working on gaining leaping bunny status. We aim to use palm oil free products wherever possible and will only use sustainable responsibly sourced palm oil if we ever do. We are constantly working to find new products to expand the range in a cruelty free and vegan way. 

All packaging is made with recycled materials. All plastic wrapping is in fact not plastic at all! We use products that are created using the waste product from sugarcane processing. All plasticky seeming items can even be put into your garden compost bin for recycling! Sometimes we use glitter in our soaps, but this is all bio degradable, plastic free glitter that will dissolve in water, so it's safe to go down the drain and won't harm our oceans. 

We hope you enjoy sharing in our passion, please leave us a comment to let us know if there's any products you would like to see in our boutique in the future! 

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Our ingredients

We work hard to make sure we only use the best ingredients in our products. Click here to find out exactly what's inside. 

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